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Flutists in New Zealand 11.-25.10.2019

The Finnish Flute Group (now renamed KuJan Pillipiiparit) stands for the high quality of the Finnish music education. The leader and educator, FM Auli Frigård (earlier Tuohimäki) is the honorary member and previous president of the Finnish Flute Association. She is one of the developers of flute ensemble music and orchestra activities for flute groups and orchetras in Finland. She has also published the first Finnish flute arrangement collection “Finnish Melodies for Flute Quartet”.

The flute group has performed in many countries abroad: Hungary, Italy, France, USA (&UN), Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Estonia, Sweden, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa and Great Britain. The grouphas taken part in many flute festivals in Finland and in the other countries, including Manchester International Flute Festival and Tallinn International Flute Festival.

There will be 12 players travelling to New Zealand: 10 flutists, one violinist and one pianist. Four of the players are professionals; besides the leader also her former student, now a flute teacher Tiina-Kaisa Aro Heinilä, violinist Anri Tuohimäki and pianist Ari-Matti Tuomisto.