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Immigration Services

Greetings from Kurikka!

Immigration Services

Immigration Services in Kurikka are in the city centre in the Service Centre for Entrepreneurs Formu. To be able to serve you better, please make an appointment by phone or email. Whatsapp and Teams meetings are also available.

Integration services are offered to all foreigners moving here. We provide information for immigrants on the services of the Finnish society and the rights and responsibilities of people moving to Finland.

Please be in touch if you would like any information on the Finnish society, work, training, health care or living here in general.

We also help employers who have foreign workforce and companies planning to recruit from abroad. In addition, our information and guidance services are for everyone who deals with immigrants through their work.

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Mirva Pirneskoski
Pirneskoski Mirva
maahanmuuttokoordinaattori / Immigration Coordinator
050 569 8914
Keskuspuistikko 14, 61300 Kurikka
Zaporozhets Kateryna
Maahanmuuttokoordinaattori / Immigration Coordinator
040 617 6394