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Jalasjärvi Wind Music Orchestra in English

The Jalasjärvi Wind Music Band was founded in 1914. They co-operate closely with the Youth Wind Music Band, recruiting new members every two to four years. They also support the Junior Wind Music Band.

There is a lot of wind music activity in Jalasjärvi. Almost all players study at the local music institute. In addition to the weekly practice, the students take part in music camps. We try to increase the students’ motivation and skills by offering them several projects and concert tours and, most importantly, challenging them in the art of making music with others. From time to time, the orchestra has the chance to study with different conductors. Each year we practice new material, combining it with the previous repertoire. The two orchestras perform 20 to 30 times a year, giving concerts and performing in various events in co-operation with local organisations.

The members of the Jalasjarvi Wind Music Band are 13 to 19 years old for the most part, but there are some more experienced members playing along as well. The orchestra has 30 members at the moment, and the conductor is Raine Rautanen. Recently they have toured in Estonia, Germany and Great Britain, and they also co-operate with orchestras from each country, inviting these musicians to Finland. After joining forces and preparing for a concert with the guests, it’s been great to relax together, enjoying swimming and going to the sauna.

In addition to the international projects, the Jalasjärvi Wind Music Band has represented the region of South Ostrobothnia in several cultural happenings in Finland.  

Terhi Rintala has written the history of the orchestra, and it was published in 2014.

The Jalasjärvi Wind Music Band has toured in the following countries:

  • France (Paris)
  • Poland (Grajewo)
  • Gungary (Budabest, the Razene Wind Orchestra Festival)
  • Check Republic (Ceske Budejovice, Hluboka castle, Baarova school)
  • Germany (Bischofwerda, Augsburg, Schweinfurt, Unterpleichfeld)
  • Estonia (Pärnu)
  • Sweden (Gothenburg)
  • Russia (St. Petersburg)
  • Great Britain (London, in co-operation with the Haringey Music and Performing Arts Centre)
  • Estonia – Poland (Pärnu – Rydultowy and Pszow)
  • Germany (Schweinfurt – Unterpleichfeld)
  • Norway (Oslo, Hamar)