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The city and its partners offer assistance to Ukrainians in Kurikka

Instructions for Ukrainians

City of Kurikka, updated 5 April 2023

The city and its partners offer assistance to Ukrainians in Kurikka

The City of Kurikka wants to do its best to ensure that Ukrainians in the area fleeing war can get their daily lives in order under these exceptional circumstances. The City of Kurikka wants to thank all the volunteers, associations and businesses helping Ukrainians and their families find a safe daily life in Kurikka. Currently, the city has organised, together with various partners, assistance to support Ukrainian families as follows.

There may be changes and specifications to this information, for example, due to the opening of the Seinäjoki reception centre or new instructions from the authorities.

Transactions with public authorities concerning entry to Finland

For various transactions with public authorities, Ukrainians are assisted by the city’s Immigration Coordinator Mirva Pirneskoski,, tel. +358 50 569 8914. When visiting the offices of different authorities, we recommend bringing your Ukrainian passport and any other certificates issued by official authorities to verify your identity. 


In housing-related matters, Ukrainians are assisted by Tiina Kankaanpää, Managing Director of real estate company Kiinteistö Oy Kärrykartano,, tel. +358 40 139 1772. Kankaanpää coordinates the city’s rental apartments and can also help with contracts for private rental apartments.   

Food and daily supplies

Muutoksia ukrainalaisten lahjakorttien jakoon (väliaikainen suojelusstatus)

Health and illnesses

In urgent health problems, contact the health centre customer service to book an appointment (on weekdays and during the day) or the emergency services of the Seinäjoki Central Hospital (at night). In the event of an emergency, call the general emergency number 112.

  • Book an appointment at the Kurikka health centre, tel. +358 6 4585 301
  • Book an appointment at the Jalasjärvi health centre, tel. +358 6 4585 101
  • Emergency services of Seinäjoki Central Hospital, tel. 116 117
  • General emergency number, tel. 112

Health and illnesses, Seinäjoki reception center

The nurse’s phone number (appointments and health advice) p. 040 670 1580

  • Monday-Thursday clock 8-16, Friday 8-15
  • Saturday-Sunday clock 12-16 (urgent only)

Seinäjoki reception center, Nurse reception:

  • without appointment Monday-Friday clock 9-11.30 (urgent only)
  • By appointment Monday-Thursday clock 9-15, Friday 9-14


The pharmacies of Kurikka, Jalasjärvi and Jurva help Ukrainians in matters related to medication. Please bring a certificate of a pending application from the police, a Ukrainian passport, or another reliable statement to the pharmacy.

  • Kurikka pharmacy, Kurikantie 9, 61300 KURIKKA, tel. +358 6 4502 023
  • Jalasjärvi pharmacy, Kirkkotie 2, 61600 JALASJÄRVI, tel. +358 6 456 7300
  • Jurva pharmacy, Kauppatie 3 B, 66300 JURVA, tel. +358 50 441 2450

The City of Kurikka will reimburse the reasonable costs of essential medication for those who have fled Ukraine and live in Kurikka, if the person has not yet received a decision on temporary protection. Reception centres are responsible for the basic security of those who have been granted temporary protection. The city will reimburse the essential medication of those who have been granted temporary protection until the reception centre is operational. Pharmacies in the Kurikka region have been sent instructions on invoicing for medicines reimbursed by the city.

Mobility, public transport

Mobility, public transport (in Finnish)


All pets arriving in Kurikka from Ukraine must be brought to the municipal veterinarian’s clinic as soon as possible. Pets coming from Ukraine must not have any contact with local pets, farm animals or wild animals until the municipal veterinarian has determined that there is no risk of infection. All pet faeces should be carefully collected in a plastic bag, for example, and disposed of in waste containers (not left in nature).

The veterinarian will perform the necessary rabies antibody testing, parasite treatment, microchipping and vaccinations on your pets. The city will pay these costs.

  • Kurikka Veterinarian Eve Ala-Kurikka, Kärrytie 5, 61300 KURIKKA, tel. +358 50 5356 406, telephone hours on weekdays between 8 and 9 a.m.
  • Jalasjärvi Veterinarian Leena Hietanen, Koskitie 8 A, 61600 Jalasjärvi, tel. +358 6 456 0107 or +358 40 036 9542, telephone hours on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • Jalasjärvi Veterinarian Eliisa Keski-Opas, Koskitie 8 A, 61600 Jalasjärvi, +358 40 720 1471, telephone hours on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • Jurva Veterinarian Anu-Riikka Rantala, Viitaharjuntie 10, 66300 JURVA, tel. +358 40 715 3595, telephone hours on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

For further information, please contact:

Pirneskoski Mirva
maahanmuuttokoordinaattori / Immigration Coordinator
050 569 8914
Keskuspuistikko 14, 61300 Kurikka
Zaporozhets Kateryna
Maahanmuuttokoordinaattori / Immigration Coordinator
040 617 6394
Pusa Anna-Kaisa
044 020 9000
Laurintie 21, 61300 Kurikka
Luukko Juha
044 550 2639
Keskuspuistikko 14, 61300 Kurikka