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Information about COVID-19

Sivu päivitetty 17.4.2020 klo 9.50.

The Government’s measures outlined on 16 March include the closure of schools, educational institutions and universities, restrictions to public meetings, mobility and visits to health care units, and increases to social welfare and health care capacity. In addition, the borders of Finland will be closed. These measures will remain in force until 13.5.2020. (THL.)

The impact of the government alignments regarding the coronavirus in Kurikka

School premises

School premises in Finland are closed in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. This concerns basic education from grade 4 to 9, general upper secondary schools and vocational schools throughout the country. 

Pupils in grades 1-3 in basic education may go to school, but parents are strongly urged to keep their children home whenever possible.

Children with official decisions concerning special support as well as students enrolled in extended compulsory education can also attend school.

Schools arrange tuition for pupils and students by using distance learning.

Morning and afternoon school care will be organised normally for those children who are in school.

Any changes will be communicated to guardians through Wilma homepage. It is essential that you follow Wilma daily.

Early childhood education and care centres

Early childhood education and care centres stay open but parents are asked to keep their children home whenever possible.

If parents have questions about early education, they may contact the day care managers or the family day care counselors. For customer payments, please contact Terhi Hautaluoma (Kurikka or Jurva area) or Leila Koskiniemi (Jalasjärvi area).

Leisure services and events

Museums, theaters, cultural centers, libraries, recreational places, swimming pools and other sports facilities, youth facilities, club facilities, elderly day care, rehabilitative work and work centers are closed from 18.3.2020 to 13.5.2020.

Also activities that are organized in city facilities (libraries, youth facilities, sports halls, etc.) are cancelled from 18.3.2020 to 13.5.2020.

All indoor and outdoor public events and general meetings attended by more than 10 people are cancelled until 13.5.2020.

What to do if you suspect COVID-19 infection?

The latest information can be found on website of Finnish institute for health and welfares.

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